Noble Romans Pizza

What Makes Noble Roman's Pizza From Normandy Park Market Great?

Yes, we take pride in our pizza – and we’re not afraid to admit it! Does that make us pizza geeks? Maybe. But while that may be true it means the pizza you get from us is going to taste fantastic, and that’s what really matters.

Take our pizza sauce. We use vine-ripened tomatoes from the U.S. of A. and they are crushed fresh into sauce that is stirred with spices and parmesan cheese. Our sauce is no chemistry experiment – we don’t use tomato paste and we don’t use tomato concentrate, so our sauce is not reconstituted this or that. And we NEVER freeze our sauce – freezing tomato sauce just plain ruins it.

Toppings like green peppers, onions and the like. Fresh. Of course. Mushrooms. Ditto – fresh. (Too many places out there using canned mushrooms, and that just isn’t right!)

Our pepperoni is THE highest grade pepperoni out there – 100% real pork and lots of beef combined with our own unique blend of spices. America’s #1 favorite topping puts its best foot forward at Noble Roman’s!

And our sausage, bacon, ham and beef toppings are all 100% the real thing, no fillers or substitutes added. Did you know that many places add ‘texturized vegetable protein’ to their meat toppings? Yep, that’s a fancy name for soy. Now we like soy as well as the next person, but we figure people ordering beef or pork are looking for beef or pork, not tofu. Those places that cheat save a pretty penny, but it sure doesn’t do anything for quality and taste.